Who We Are

About Us

John started his business in 2001 from an idea he had while working for another HVAC company. He knew he could provide better service and more quality workmanship to his customers. He has worked to streamline procedures to cut costs while keeping quality high. Research proved that Rheem products offered what he was looking for, quality products at reasonable prices.

Starting small and working out of a small rented building, word spread quickly regarding the quality of work Kramer Heating & Cooling, LLC performed and the service provided to their customers, both small and large. Kramer Heating & Cooling, LLC grew quickly adding employees within six months. Since then, we have moved locations and bought our present building in 2017 which provides the space needed for organization, equipment, and fabricating ductwork.

At Kramer Heating & Cooling, LLC we work with homeowners and building contractors, specializing in residential and light commercial jobs. Rheem products are our primary equipment line, however we service all brands. We are also trained in the area of radiant heating systems, a service that only a small percentage of heating and cooling companies offer.

The customer has always been and will always remain John’s number one priority. At Kramer Heating & Cooling, LLC we understand that customer satisfaction is the only sure fire way to grow a business. “We work until they’re happy,” is a slogan heard frequently when training new employees. John prides himself on the customer that says “Job well done!” As a company, we feel that Kramer Heating & Cooling, LLC is just starting to roll and will continually strive to be known as the best HVAC company in the area!